Experience–Maddy is a passion driven business, working within the apparel and screen printingindustry for more than 3 years. The Team Maddy live and breathe the industry and have builtconsiderable experience in ‘what works’!

Inspiration–the team Maddy are passionate, driven individuals that immerse themselves in the latestinnovations, emerging trends and find elements of joy in thinking outside the square! With forward andcreative thinking Maddy continue to inspire uniqueand edgy creative designs that grab user attentionand promote brand recognition.

Support–Maddy’s strength is its people, their dedication to service levels and their will to excel for theircustomers. Maddy continue to be committed to the successful delivery of products from inception tocompletion, maintaining outstanding communication with customers and whenever possible going anextra mile further to offer customers the 100% ‘care’ factor Maddy is known for.

Quality–Maddy has an enviable track record of producing high quality, market driven merchandise. Asa quality focused company, Maddy’s internal systems and extensive experience, enable them toimplement and manage supply arrangements for companies of various size and individuals acrossPakistanand aim to go beyond.

Responsibility–Maddy’s approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) underpins their commitmentto Quality, Value, Service, Innovation and Trust. It allows them to manage their operations responsibly,identify risks and make the most of opportunities to differentiate themselves from their competitors.Maddy’s CSR activities demonstrate the degree of care they take in sourcing their products.